Sunday, July 27, 2014

Philosophy is a way of life. Life as it should be, and not what it is. Jesus of Nazareth, born in Bethlehem, Kingdom of Judea (present day Palestine), is my greatest PHILOSOPHER. Ironically, the modern day conflict, is still raging in the "Palestine Country". 

Jesus embraced the philosophy of peace, or HE was a pacifist. He admonished Peter, "If you live by the sword, you will perished by the sword."
Paradoxically, the Byzantine era, waged war against non-Christians, colonized nations for religious reasons...of course we know, it was motivated also by economics. The Empire of Spain colonized many nations, in search of spices, and gold. The Empire used Christianity as an "ideology" to subjugate people (pagan and barbarians ?) Religion became the center piece of conflicts for centuries. Land disputes among cousins, among brothers...the Middle East.
The three greatest monotheistic religion and players, The Hebrews, The Muslims, The Christians...

Jesus proclaimed the philosophy of love above self. Loving others as we loved ourselves. Giving your tunic if someone steals your coat. Giving of bread to the hungry, visiting those in prison, feeding the multitudes of poor people, caring for the sick, and many others, virtuous and philosophical existence. 

The native Americans were displaced from their lands by Christians, Christians like me and you.
During the dark ages, people were massacred by Christians like us. Of course, not really some of you, my faithful readers. Many Christians practiced their faith, but oftentimes, overwhelmed, by the earthly mights of nominal Christians. Nominal Christians are those that practiced Christianity, when it is convenient, and at times, either on Sundays, or Saturdays. The Sabbath Day is observed by religious  Christian followers, not just a day to honor God, but to refrain or fasting from sins. All of us fall short of this, including me. I am not above you.
I am as guilty as you are, as Christians. 

Many Christians were misled by their misinterpretations of God's Divine mandates. Many Christians forcibly converted non-Christians, or in a subtle manner, proselytized many innocent people. Jesus never adopted scheming, or forced conversions. Jesus never used the sword to convert people. Jesus never used fancy words to dissuade HIS opposition, and detractors. Jesus used the TRUTH to reveal the darkness of some human hearts, as HE preached, if you hear the not harden your hearts. The philosophy of TRUTH is powerful. But, worldliness got in the way. The flesh motivated the few to seek the Christian Philosophy and Knowledge, as a scheme, a strategy to exploit others. As the WORD warned, Woe to you evildoers...



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