Thursday, July 3, 2014

THOUGHTS for July 3

We have all problems, weaknesses, limitations, shortcomings, failures, frustrations, mistakes, blunders, regrets, confusions, anger...and many other negativities.

What and Why ?  Each one of us have uniqueness not only with our personalities but  our experiences and circumstances in life.
Some of us make good of what we have, and others choose to make it better, and others are contented of what they have.

Some choose to pursue money because they thought it will make them happy. Some pursued fame and recognition because they thought they can enjoy the esteemed of others. Some pursued power because they thought it is a necessity for life. Some pursued knowledge because they thought they will define and discover the meaning of life. Some remains as they were because they thought that's all they needed. Some keep searching for all the things in the world because they thought it is fulfillment.
Some pursued religion because they thought it is the answer. Some choose not to believe in anything because they thought it is freedom.

What is the secret above and beyond our quest ?

LOVE, in its purest form.

Love that is caring, humble, selfless, forgiving, unconditional, slow to anger, willing, innocent, hardworking, honest, faithful, loyal, patient, passionate, righteous, focused, articulate, bright and happy, undeterred, convincing, non-malicious, respectful, compassionate, tolerant, non-judgmental, accepting, benevolent, curious, dependable, encompassing, faithful, giving, happy, independent, kind, lovely, memorable, non-superficial, courageous, open, critical, determined, persistent, self-sacrificing, wonderful, beautiful, not materialistic, not pompous, so many others you can remember when you give someone that purest of love,

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