Friday, July 18, 2014


               Thoughts for July 19, 2014

Our tendency is to blame others for our failures, oftentimes, we hold God for our failures in life.
God is never a vindictive God - He understood our shortcomings all the time. God never judge us, on our merits alone, but our intentions. God sees your heart, and not your rational thoughts.
A God who is loving, and compassionate, and willingly gave up, HIS majesty, humbled HIMSELF before mortals. Our God's kindness,  immensely not proportionate, with our reverence for HIM, because we often, blame HIM for our miseries in life. And God, forgave us for that. And all loving God, faithful and patient with us, but fair and swift with evil and wickedness. He saved Lot, Noah and many others. He liberated the Jews from the clutches of wicked kings, and gave them their lands back. God has no favorites, but He gives blessings to the humble, the poor in spirit, and the earth's creation, HE blessed. Whoever sees this gifts, is indeed blessed. 

We suffer not because God wanted to see us suffer. He allowed His chosen one's to be subjected to pain and sufferings, but He rescued them at the end. He is a God who will enable us,  but will not tolerate our sins. He will wait patiently, but He will cut us off, if we lose our saltiness. His creation is beyond measure,  comprehension of the human mind, beyond comparison. The brightest among us, is not fallible or perfect. The brightest among us oftentimes, the poor in Divine Wisdom. The brightest among us, are arrogant and became hardened, thinking they comprehended the truth, not knowing, they are already measured, and each of their days, are numbered. Our God is infinite, not comparable to numbers, or arithmetic. God does not communicate in numerals, prime or natural numbers. God is not a binary system, or algorithm, He is God, the Alpha, and the Omega. His WORD is our guide, as we number our days ,our follies, and ambitions. Human plans are puffs of air, except to honor and offer everything to God. 

Who can be greater than God ? Who made the stars and the moon ? The sky and the sun ? The creations that beyond compare with the art of the humankind. The divine art is insatiable, and its beauty is forever. The God of perfection, wanting and waiting, for us to be like HIM, perfect. What is the secret of perfection ? God.   

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