Sunday, July 27, 2014

Many of us have seen the death of innocent children, either outside the United States, or inside the nation 312 million+ people. You have seen the penury of almost 4 billion people in the world (out of 7 billion people).  All are sufferings. Why ? It is difficult to explain this tragic events. How would we comfort those who suffers ? What can we do to minimize  their predicaments ?  How ? Why ?

I have more questions, and less conclusive answers, except, reflecting on our roles, on how  to alleviate the plight, of so many poor people. 
What can you do ? How can we help ? Are we willing to sacrifice for others ? Just like the two health care workers, infected by the Ebola virus, a life sentence for serving others ? Perplexing.

In Ecclesiastes, the wise preacher emphasized on enjoying life, and understanding that life is chasing after the wind. Meaningless, except to love God and His people. Our sufferings on earth has an end. A season for everything under the sun. 

Seek God and His Kingdom, the divine wisdom you gain from seeking God's Kingdom, will help you deal with the sad and tragic realities. 
Seek the Kingdom of God, and the rest will be given to you.  

Where's the Kingdom of God ? The Kingdom of God resides in the hearts of HIS people ? The Kingdom of God, is not a concrete mansion ? A  spiritual dimension beyond comprehension ? A bright light that comforts...  ?

What are the requisites in seeking, finding and entering God's Kingdom ? If you recall what Jesus said during HIS sermons and parables, " We will never enter the Kingdom of God, unless we surpassed the righteousness of the pharisees, and the innocence of a little child."
Have you found God's Kingdom yet ?

How do you seek God ? By Faith. Believing despite "some science" disagrees. Defy logic by faith. Once you find God, do not let go. Be patient, a gold is purified by fire. Tribulations, and challenges, are part of the purifying process. Why do we  have to suffer ? Through our sufferings, we become stronger, and better equipped, to help and spread the GOOD NEWS, God is real and alive ! Through our pain and sufferings, we feel the need of God...Through God, we become strong beyond reasons...
With God (with us) nothing is impossible.

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