Thursday, July 10, 2014

                    Thoughts for July 9

The presence of a God in my life changed me forever. A God whose command is to love everyone, and rebuke evil against all creations.
A God whose teachings, is the moral foundations of any divine inspired philosophies, not worldly or vain. 

The authentic belief that God, is the source of all good. A positive God, who does not destroy but build (except destruction of evil ? 
Or evil is self-destruct ?) Is it sad to note that some people caused others to fall or stumble. When the few exploit others. When the few encouraged immoral acts and distasteful acts of defiance to morals, and its precepts, like coveting thy neighbor's wife or same sex marriages, or any other pervasive and immoral behaviors and acts.

Some oppressed others by depriving them, of their socio-economic rights, by paying them below minimum wages or minimum wages which is not compatible, with recession, and devaluation of certain currencies. Material exploitation of the many poor workers, in a developing nation's factories, like in Asia or South, Central American countries. The exploitation of workers for people with disabilities in the USA, or the exploitation of women for sex trades, happening in many parts of the world, including the USA. 

In God we trust. A great slogan, a great encouragement. But, are we doing it ? 312 million + people in the USA, how many people trust God ? 7 billion + people in the world, how many trust God ? 

Our children. Are we teaching them the wisdom of loving God, and following His commandments ?  Are we too busy to teach them morals and caring for others ? Are we too busy with sports, we forgot attending church, or volunteering to help the needy and the poor ? Visiting the sick, and feeding the hungry ?

Where are you going with your life ? Worried too much about your economic future ? Where are you going ? What are you doing to address, the threat to our humanity ? The threats of material poverty to many people in the world. Are we to selfish, to care  for others ? Or we are too busy to walk the talk, LOVING GOD above all things ?

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