Monday, July 7, 2014

                  Thoughts for July 7, 2014


Many dreamers sacrificed their personal happiness, and pleasure to achieve their dreams. 
When the great Teacher came, He said,
If you want to follow me, you have to give up everything, and you will deny yourself,  you will be forsaken by others, including your family. 
It is not easy. We are flesh, and weak. But, through our weakness, we become strong, if we believe there is a higher force or power, above us. Not a superman, as F. Nietzsche claimed. Many of you knows F. Nietzsche (1844-1900), a gifted and talented mortal. He died young and tragically. Nietzsche had a nervous breakdown, and that contributed to his early death. Many others like Nietzsche died tragically. All were brilliant, but confused with their ideals, reality and about a Supreme Power above us (we are not superman). They were given the gifts and yet, they were blinded by their follies and arrogance.
Nietzsche's disciples can argue and win their logical inferences, but at the end of the day, whether they agree or not, they will be searching for the truth... if not like their "god", they will end tragically confused (many of them will drowned themselves with alcohol, or drugs, or sex, or material follies.)

So , what is the truth. You have to seek the truth, and the True God of the Universe. The Great Teacher came and taught us. Now, your turn to search. Knock and the door will be open, seek and you will find.

The Great Teacher, the Greatest of all Dreamers denied Himself. He was forsaken by his followers because of their flesh (many came back and died peacefully). 
The Great Teacher fulfilled His promise of eternal peace, gave it to them. Where dreams come true. 
Where is your peace today ? Where are you going ? Do you know your destiny ? Are you at peace, eternally ? Are you living your life as planned by the power above us ?

My personal quest and struggles started after grade school. My parents did not gave me their permission and blessings, to pursue what I wanted to do, they have plans for me. I was an obedient child (actually I was afraid of losing my material comfort). Deep inside me, I was rebelling against my parents. I thought they wanted me to pursue an ideal life ? I never liked the materialism, I woke up to. Everything was about money in the house. Ironically, my father and I became extremely close since my childhood years, that every Sunday he would take me to his retreat place (farm) after church. Through the years, I understood my father's dilemma, not my mother's. My mom came from a very affluent family and my father was dirt poor (he worked hard, attended college, started his business and became wealthy.) My late grandfather never liked my father, because my father was lower and poor in socio-economic status. My father's socio-economic status was his only flaw, he loved my mother because of who she was and not what she had. I understood my father, where he was coming from. I never liked my maternal grandfather. I never respected him and never understood his follies.
(My maternal grandfather paid dearly. After his death my uncles and aunts started fighting over his vast wealth (except my mother). When I left the Philippines in 1991, they were still arguing the inheritance in Court.

I have my own dilemmas,ironies,paradox, inconsistencies, and weakness. The best part, I knew it early in life; I have a very strong control of my weakness because of my fear towards the Supreme Architect of the Universe (not religion), and the inner discipline and experiences, I learned since a child. I grew up reflecting all the time, and very introverted till my second year in college. I became outspoken, intellectually arrogant, and extremely"idealistic". 

Everyday I evolved, into a better person. Less impulsive and impatient. Still idealistic, but cautiously moving with the flow, and ready to swim alone with my ideals (my life raft), if I have reasons, and signs to believe, that was not planned by the Deity in the Divine schemes of life. I believe that my gifts, and talents came from a Divine Deity or God not man or woman.

Now, you see why I disliked crass or not - materialism ? Materialism destroyed lives and families. Materialism emanating from personal greed if not insanity ? Not the system, not the ideologies, not religion - from people like us.
Why blame God for your socio-economic lot ? Why ? Asked yourself ? Why ? How come the few others have more and I have less ? It is not talent, not raw intelligence, not college education alone but something higher than us provided us, the opportunity, to make this world a better place to dwell, not for one human but for everyone. Not to labor but to enjoy the blessings of our humanity and the gifts of God to us. 

Selfishness and materialism is not from God, but our flesh. Our flesh is weak. If we know this, then, you know your life and direction. Not your intellectual achievements from school or universities, but from the Divine Wisdom and Divine Gifts given to us, again not for ourselves alone but for others too. Why ? 

Many of us are afraid of losing our material comfort. Convenience and pleasurable human existence. How can one enjoy caviar or even a simple ice cream while others are suffering ? 
Why ? How can we ? Are we really selfish ? 

Another day about you and I...


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