Tuesday, July 15, 2014

         Thoughts for July 15, 2014 Part II

Just like the follies of the ancients, we have our own experiences of follies and chasing after the wind, either by our parents or relatives, or someone we know. The follies, I am referring to, is our constant chase of making the money, achieving fulfillment and satisfactions in our chosen professions or careers, or preparing for our economic future. My greatest challenges was caused by the materialism of so many people, immediate and familiar to me. 

I still struggle with that materialism perpetrated by relatives. Last _____________, I went to the ____________, and I discovered that the ancestral home and land - my father's first material achievement, was gone. My relatives sold it. The worst part of that event, I am the family administrator (Father's Last Will and Testament) to convey, and sell, the material legacy of my father . It is not the house and land, not the financial value of the property, but the memory and legacy of my father's rise from obscurity to his material wealth, and follies. 

I am heart broken, and disappointed. Many of my immediate family, encouraged a legal action. Dejavu ? My maternal grandparents have the same material follies. They were extremely rich, and landed. But, when both died, the children (uncles and aunts), started fighting over the wealth, and lands, ultimately ruined our relationship as a family. 

I made the decision to forgive my relatives, but I gave them the "curse" intended for the wicked.
They will suffer the consequences of their wickedness, and they will. Since, I am not God,  I prayed to God, to give justice to my plight. And God, indeed, heard my prayers. Not only God avenged my oppression, God gave me so much blessings and happiness. 

Ill-gotten wealth is easily lost. There is no peace if you steal, there is no happiness if you exploit people, only a curse, that you will suffer from your follies. I am not above this. I am subjected to the same divine rule. As the wise saying goes, "Reverence to God's commandments, is Divine WISDOM.

The material follies of the humankind results to arrogance, conceit, betrayal, jealousy, hatred, dishonesty, murder, selfishness, uncaring attitudes, unfaithfulness, unhappiness, pride, vanities and many other negativities. 

If you hear the follies of others, learn and listen, it may save your life.    

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