Sunday, July 6, 2014

            My Thoughts for July 6, 2014

We learn idealism while young not when we are of dotage. I started mine in grade school. It was not easy. It was fraught with contras and pros. The paradox of my vision of a life in a society laden with crass materialism. My own republic not Plato's or Machiavelli's Prince.
A society where everyone cares and do the right things for others, in celebration of our faith to a Supreme Deity or God as others called it. I have one. Life that it should be not what it is. The Deity whose wonder and omnipotence has an infallible, eternal and encompassing love for us, and all creations. A God who has no gender, and no ulterior sectarian clinging, A God who gives talents sparingly, no favorites, no Jews or Gentiles, or no Muslim or Hindu. A God whose command and religion is to love one another. A love that  is pure and selfless. Philosopher Augustine have taught us the courage to change things, serenity to accept things we cannot change, and the divine wisdom to know the difference. Life as it should be, and not what it is, my own ideals and republic, not yours but mine. A selfless love for others because God willed it.

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