Thursday, July 17, 2014

              Thoughts for July 18, 2014

My generation are the baby boomers, the most successful, and wealthiest of all generations (according to WIKIPEDIA). I agree, 99.9%. Many of my friends are either "materially overflowing", or extremely successful in their chosen professions. Many of my friends and former classmates in college, are either doctors or lawyers, and many are retiring young, to enjoy their accumulated worldly wealth and fame. I am happy for them, but I wonder about their children. Many of my friends are always busy with their business and professions, and many sacrificed their relationship with their children. One of my dear friends, living in Virginia have 3 children - all are addicted to drugs and alcohol. My heart cries for my friend.
Another friend of mine - his children does not believe that there is God. I wonder why ?

I can relate to that story. My only brother was a substance abuser, and an atheist. He never believed in anything, except himself. He was very selfish, and splurged on the wealth my parents gave him. At the end of his life (1998), he told my father, he was remorseful. My father told him, it was too late. I was not there, when he died. Till today, I still wonder if he accepted God before he died. My only brother paid for his sins. I am his younger brother, but did not do anything to save him. I ran away like Jonah, afraid of my calling to serve God. But, God won at the end, look at me now...talking to you about God, based on my personal experiences. I always doubted God was real, until 1991. I am still fighting the temptations of my flesh. I still doubted like Thomas, and mocked God in numerous instances. Many things happened after my conversion. Miracles to me, to others trivial and mundane. 

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