Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Perhaps, some of you have watched the movie Noah, a Hollywood movie, and a distorted truth of Noah's character. Noah was chosen by God to save the world and God's righteousness, be known to all. Yes, the excesses of Noah's time is still happening today, and we will be destroyed like in the story of Noah, except by fire. We will be consumed by the fire from heaven. The Lord God has been patient with us, just like in the story of Noah. The movie did not emphasize the timeline except, you saw the grown up children of Noah after the next scene, after Noah's earthly father was killed. It looks like Conan the Barbarian movies. I have reasons to believe that the violence in Noah's time was real, but, Noah is not a violent man. In the movies, the actor (Russel Crowe) killed his nemesis ("son"?) who killed his father in the beginning of the movie.
This is a classic distortion of the WORD. Violence is emphasized, the watchers or the fallen angels in the form of stone, is a fictional character, like the movie Ghost (Patrick S., actor) who died and came back, to caress his girlfriend, all fictionalise.

We misled people either intentionally or Un-intentionally. The latter can be forgiven, but the former, is worthy of condemnation (human reaction). God will not condemned us right away. We rush ourselves to judgment, (including me). One of the many guilts of many Christian's either matured or novice Christian's, we judge others harshly. God does not make rushed judgment. God waits patiently. Patience is difficult, but through God's grace and blessings, we can have patience. 

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