Saturday, July 5, 2014

          Thoughts for July 5, 2014...

Almost 33 years and counting, my awakening on the the plight of the poorest among the poor continue to serve as my anchor and fulcrum.
The poorest among the poor have  dire socio-economic predicaments, poor physical and mental health. ( According to research people with physical and mental disabilities are the poorest among the poor ) As published in 2000 by UNICEF 122,000 children dies everyday of poverty related causes. Can you imagine today ? There are so many nonprofit organizations whose mission is to alleviate the plight of the poor, why can't they make even a dent on the predicament of so many poor people ? Are people inherently lazy ? Are people dumb that they choose their socio-economic lot ? Is evil to blame for their predicaments ? Is system to blame ? Is colonialism to blame ? Is feudalism to blame ? Is hedonism to blame ? Is State Socialism to blame ? Is capitalism to blame ? Is capitalism evil indeed ? Or people is to blame ? Do you ask why so many poor in the world ? In highly developed economies like the United States of America, why almost 47+ million poor are poor ? (estimated population of the USA - 312 million plus. Why 3-4 billion people out of 7 billion are poor ? Is statistics wrong ? What is poverty ? Is poverty meant to be ? Why can't we change the poverty conditions, and become better ? Who hinders our progress ? Is philosophy a panacea ? Will ideology change it ? Will it help if we start asking ourselves  what is our role on the sufferings of others ? How many are selfless enough to do the right things for others ? What are the right things ? Why do you care ? Yes, a good question to start why do you care ? Do you care because it will impact you directly or indirectly ? What  do you think caring will do ? Should we focus on our inability to sincerely care for others ? Do I need to give up everything in order to care ? Do I need to sacrifice my career, family and economic success in order to succeed ? Why should I really care ? Are you listening ? Are you hearing it ? Are you reading with an open mind ? Are you  you reading the thoughts of my thoughts ? Really ? Are you hearing it ? Are you feeling the impact of poverty in your life ? Do you care to ask why ? Do you care to care ? Do you know why ?    

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