Thursday, July 31, 2014

You have noticed how refreshing it is to have a good night sleep, meaning you have a sound sleep with a beautiful dream. Many of us don't.
In highly developed economies, "the blue collar workers" and those who make least money oftentimes, spend time at work (many second jobs), in order to meet their basic needs like food, shelter, education for their children, paying their bills, pension plans and many others. The many extremely rich people does the same thing, spend  time at their desk in their high rise buildings or home  offices. If they are not working, they are entertaining guests or business friends or politicians (Yes, politicians. According to research data, many big businesses prospered because they were politically favored and "chosen" by their political friends or leaders. In a secular society, this is a norm, part of doing business. 
(Worst scenario in dictatorial regimes. Dictators have favored business or cronies. No one dare to question, or they get killed, disappeared, or jailed for crime against the state.

Is there any ideal society today ? Again, based on data, none. Some are making efforts to achieve "utopia" on earth. All failed, and those trying, are about to fail. 

Yesterday, I was studying the "Holy Bible" with believers of the WORD. Most of them are friends. I was there because I wanted to (the HOLY SPIRIT is guiding). They discussed the Old Testament particularly, the Kings, and the Chronicles. I studied the Old Testament, but mainly focused on the Prophets, Psalms, Ecclesiastes (my personal favorite). The Kings and the Chronicles, described the divided kingdom of Israel and Judah. The killing spree is amazingly prevalent, and it reminds me of the conflicts between the people from the  Palestine State (and other Arabs) and the people from Israel. It appears that the conflict between the two people, were centuries old. I noticed that many of them are related by blood. Cousins, brothers, or "in-laws" etc..

(I discovered that the Holy Bible is the greatest history book too.) Of course, others distorted if not adjusted it, to suit their religious needs and intentions.)

Violence is never an acceptable solution. Jesus, the Son, admonished Peter (His first Disciple) to sheath his dagger because those who live by violent means, will die the same way, violently.

"Political Diplomacy" became known and popular by the 20th century. The League of Nations was established after World War II, purposely, to avert wars. They became the United Nation, and they are struggling today, in stopping wars and conflicts among nations and people(s).

The Olympic by the Greeks, also became a venue to express the competitive nature of people, establish friendship and sportsmanship, and today, it became a huge business for nation sponsors. Big businesses complicates the whole picture. Does God wanted big businesses to control ? If God wanted they have lasted  forever. Nope. Most big businesses lasts between 3 to 5 generations, then they collapsed, and loss their "mighty power" What about the Oil rich nations of the Arab world ? They too will collapse, just a matter of centuries, if not sooner. Same with political empires, they come and go. I suggest you read history books. Not just one book, read as many as you can, and compare the data or information. Some history books are impartial, some are biased. Like the rest of us, history books were not "created" equal (created is not the same with the "Creator". I use created as a figure of speech.)

Is there HOPE ? Yes. Why all this negative events ? The Truth. Whose fault ? Our fault not God. What is the secret ? WORD (macro level).
Take your time, pray, and seek the TRUTH.

If you hear the WORD today, do not harden your hearts.   

Violence destroys, Love builds.

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