Wednesday, July 30, 2014

When the heavenly paradise was created before our time, it was described as amazing and beyond describing. Our 21st century paradise is a private island, or an exotic island, inhabited by "artificials", not really a Divine Creation. The poor cannot access them, or people like us, will just dream about it, or look at them in pictures only. The century we are in, is not God's original plan. God never planned people to suffer or fight wars. God never planned law suits or protests, or rockets that destroys innocence, relationships, and precious lives.

The magnificence and the awesome God of creation, is not A Jew, A Muslim, A Christian, A Buddhist, A Hindu, not a pharisee, not a sadducee, not a senator or congress person, not a PhD or Nobel, or Pulitzer prize recipient. God is, as simple and awesome as a child, filled with LOVE and CARE. Slow to anger, and quick to forgive.

We are not God. We cannot enter the Kingdom, unless, we have the innocence of a child...and the righteousness of any religious institution. God is exacting when it comes to HIS commands, LOVE GOD ABOVE ALL THINGS, and LOVE GOD'S PEOPLE as we love ourselves.

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