Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sometimes I wonder, why am I doing, what I'm doing today. I have an extremely comfortable life before coming to the United States. A lucrative profession, and a secured socio-economic future. A supportive father and mother. I have wonderful parents, though they were tough on me. I loved them dearly. Both passed on recently (2004 and 2009). My only brother died prior to my parents (I have reasons to believe, it contributed to the early death of my mother in 2004.) My only brother was the first born, and was  given the birthright to take over our family business. My father was very humble. He never discussed or talk about his "earned" fortune (my relatives squandered it). 
My father was very poor when he married my mother. (My affluent maternal grandparents never liked him at the outset of their marriage)
Last Monday, was my late mother's birthday. My late father adored and loved her. Since I was very closed to my father, he would share his courtship story with my mother, how he would sneaked in the back, (kitchen area) while my maternal grandparents were busy playing mahjong. (Mahjong is an Asian game/gambling originated from China. Some people lost their land titles because of the game Mahjong)

The morals of the story is: The love of my father to my mother. His loyalty and commitment to her. My father was extremely faithful to my mother. Despite of his business success, he never cheated on my mother. He would travel in many places, and I would hear stories after their trips, (from his business associates) how my father avoided "pretty girls" in the night clubs they visited after business meetings. He drinks but never "womanized". Interestingly, my father was an extremely "no nonsense person", always serious about things, but when  drunk, my father was extremely happy and share his stories of love and courtship with my mother. How he loved her. I heard this from him a thousand times. My father's devotion to my mother was worthy of emulation. My late brother and I were the opposite. We "played" too much while young. I think our parents spoiled us. (though they were tougher on me compared to my late brother; I have reasons to believe, that the toughness and discipline of my father saved my life.)

My awakening from sins, was my saving grace. Not only with my relationship with others,  but specially my relationship with God. 

If we acknowledged our sinfulness and unworthiness to God, He will be merciful to us.
It is not too late to do the right things for God and others. Many people are suffering from poverty and deprivation. We have a moral responsibility to help them. If we helped them, they will know through our examples the GOODNESS of the LORD, when we help others we GLORIFY GOD.      

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