Wednesday, July 30, 2014

You have heard stories of people in near death situations, seeing a bright light. The four year old son, of  of a  small Nebraska town Christian Minister shared an amazing details of heaven, seeing Jesus, and the Angels singing to him.
For those who knows God, and HIS wonders, will not hesitate, will believe the story. 
I do believe the story. 

My story is not a near death experiences, (though some people wanted me dead many years ago) but, a story of survival and redemptions from my frailties, and weaknesses, and the infinite generosity of God to me. I am not an angel, I am not a prophet, and I do not think I am part of the chosen one's, I am a Gentile, except, I think I was called by God to serve HIS people.

While young, I saw and felt the sufferings of my classmates who are poor, I felt the loneliness of the elderly, I intensely grieved at the loss of my  friends, I mourned for the sufferings of the many, and I literally searched and stepped down from my comfort zone and ivory tower, to share with you how great God is !

I may  sound like an evangelist, I think I am not. I sound prophetic, I think I am not a prophet, but God communicated through others (God's chosen one's) what HE wanted to say to me, and furthermore, God spoke to me in my heart.
Just like God talking to me through my heart, I am writing to you, reaching out to you, from my heart. I am far from perfect, I can be mean, if I am hurt, but in my heart, I am not wicked. I detested dishonesty as a boy. In one of my articles, I mentioned how our father put us into the test, if we can be trusted with "money". I passed with flying colors, and to further the story, one day many years ago, while I was eight years old, my father was so elated and proud to hear from one of his business friends (who witnessed my integrity - "Your son's honesty when it comes to money, is beyond reproach.
(I will borrow money, but will never steal from anyone. All things on earth are borrowed;
If your heart is honest, you will act honest.)

This story I wrote, are my stories, and the stories of people that I know, dead and alive.

The greatest lesson I learned, from my short life is, God communicates to the simple, and honest hearts. Working with the special needs children and adults for almost 16 years, is a living proof of God's existence. The special needs population are really special, in the true sense, of the word, special. They are simple and honest. God's favorite. The least among us (we thought), but the blessed one's.

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