Saturday, July 12, 2014

             Thoughts for July 10, 2014
Having a competitive and opinionated personality can be changed if not modified.
In my 53 years, of observing my own progress and challenges, learning from my flaws and the mistakes of others, I am still in the process of achieving and fulfilling my full potentials as a person. 

One good thing about highly developed nations, like the United States and other developed economies, old fashion hardwork, studies, and labor still pays the bills and dreams. I considered myself blessed in many ways, not lucky or fortunate (I do not believe in luck or fortune based on my parents hardwork, dedication, and sacrifices, I was able to achieve a lot early in life.) My parents are gone but one greatest legacy they left me is, love of God and do not fear mortals. I saw the struggle of my parents in their dealing with others, who are jealous of their success. Many wanted them to fail, my parents succeeded in raising me, as a decent human, with a profession and vision for the world. What can any parents ask, but see their children succeed, and accomplish their dreams and visions ? My wife and I did the same thing with our child. We raised her as any parents would do, and guided her. She completed her studies including her advance degrees, and on her way, to  achieve her own dreams and visions. One greatest thing,  I was happy about - we taught her by examples, God is real and loving. 

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