Wednesday, July 16, 2014

               Thoughts for July 16, 204

In the late months of 2008, i started writing my blogs about "obscure" personalities/people, i met them while doing my mundane activities. Mundane activities to me, included campaigning for presidential hopefuls. i helped in the campaign, of the first Black president of the U.S.A, not because he was from Harvard, i helped in the campaign, purely out of idealism.
( i do not endorse his abortion stance. i never knew that  President Obama, was pro-abortion during the campaign. i wanted him to become president, to inspire the young people of color. )

Socio-economic inequality, sexism and racism is still alive in the U.S.A . But, many are aware of it, incidentally, we have laws, that protects the minorities of the U.S.A. The race environs of the 60's have changed, a better race relations for the 21st century, but - still a lot of work in terms of other issues like underemployment of minorities and women. 

i spent almost 17 years in the disabilities field, working in different capacities, from direct staff to management. Many if not all the direct workers are underemployed. Many of them makes between $10.00 to $13.00 an hour. Who can survive with that pay ? (unless, you have a second full-time job)

The exploitation of many of our workers is rampant. How do we end this vicious cycle of oppression and suppression of our basic rights to live, and enjoy the fruits of our labor ? How can an underemployed worker, enjoy his or her family if he or she works two full-time jobs ? Many of them works on weekends too, while a few well-paid people, splurge in their vacation homes, or private beach houses ? 

Our NFL, NBA, and Baseball makes millions, and they have fun doing it . While others struggles to survive, day in and day out, pay check to pay checks. What is so immoral about this ?  Why ? 

We have our children graduating from college, and in debts. Why ? Education is supposedly a basic human right, why so expensive ? Issues in health care, why so expensive ?
Why are we exploiting people ? Are we hypocrites ? In God we trust, but we exploit our people ?

* It is not a grammatical issue, if i use a small i. It means, i am not the center, YOU are, US and We. Part of our problem today, we think in terms of "I" instead of "We". Why are we selfish ?

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