Monday, July 21, 2014

"Fear not...from the first day you made up your mind to acquire understanding and humble yourself before God, your prayer was heard."
I can witnessed to this one, as TRUE. It happened to me while in grade school, and still happening (I was still skeptical, doubting,  much then...) My conversion to the WORD came gradually; Like gold, I was purified slow, and "fire was the element" involved. I underwent all kinds of tribulations, (I am not perfect, I stumble occasionally, but keep getting up) I lost so many loved ones, and lost so much material wealth, either my own faults, or others. I am flesh, therefore, I acknowledged my weakness, to God, in all my prayers. (later in life I realized, I cannot change people or the world, all I can do is to pray, do good works, where others can see the works of God, and through the good deeds, God is glorified) 

I met a lot of people, who are faithful to the WORD, and I met people who are wicked and evil. Like Daniel, I was afraid of the world, and mortals. But, God assured me, through his WORD, I am not alone. God gave me signs through the WORD, HE IS THERE, Listening all the time. God's justice is swift, and fair. I witnessed the destruction of evil,  and wicked people, because of their sins. Some were violently killed by their enemies, others by afflictions (diseases). 

The reverence (fear) to God, is the beginning of WISDOM. Divine WISDOM is not comparable to worldly learnings and philosophies. The SON demonstrated the power of the FATHER, the miracles and the parables, as written. Our generation, the HOLY SPIRIT, is dwelling among us...

Our generation is so blessed because we believed, despite of the fact, we have no proof.
We are the proof (the believer of the WORD). I continue to witnessed to people my experiences with God. Many misunderstood, thinking I was just eccentric if not egocentric. I am none, of the above. I have gave up so much material things in life, but God gave me, what I needed all the time. God never failed my material needs. God guaranteed that HE will provide, and HE DID. Praise to God, and HIS everlasting LOVE.

Taking care of the poorest of the poor - That is my calling. I spent all my life and career, working for the poor, the many poor crying for social-economic justice.
( God is not a political ideology, not a political party, not a war machine, not a demagogue, not a billionaire, not a philanthropist, not a president, not a senator, not a congressperson, not a lawyer, not a PhD. holder, not an MD credentialed, not a Hollywood star, and many other worldliness. )

You have to find God, seek and me and others, the TRUTH will be revealed (in God's time), the door will be open, and you will have everlasting peace and contentment...
Be aware...evil and wickedness is real, but the WORD and the HOLY SPIRIT, will bless and protect you each day, each seconds, each minute, and the hours...FEAR NOT.    

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