Monday, July 7, 2014

The Poor.

Who are the poor and where are they ? Is the answer obvious ? They are all over the planet. In all continents.

Who are they ?  The disenfranchised, the exploited, the oppressed, and suppressed.

They do not have adequate food to eat. No health care like in developed economies.  They are in debt. Some have college education, many never completed high school. 

They do not have fancy titles and no fancy lifestyles. No mansions, no summer homes, no houses at all. Many are squatting in city states (developing nations), in developed nations you will see them wandering around homeless, or people with disabilities in many private group homes (nonprofit homes yet profitable for the owners.)

The workers who make minimum wages, needed a second job to survive and feed his or her family. No certainty with retirement in developed economies because of devaluation of savings or pension money earned. In developing economies, the workers have the same predicament - underemployed just like their counterparts in developed economies. 


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