Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In the last days, people will be lovers of themselves, indulged the flesh, material obsessions, careers, titles, salaries, nice houses,lucrative pension plans, health insurances and many other material comfort and luxuries, while many suffers from poverty and deprivations.

The wages of sins is death, the idolatry's, whims and caprices, and worrying too much about material things. Who has control of our lives ? - nobody, except God. Anyone can die at any moment. All your hard earned material accumulations can disappear in seconds. Who has control of the world ? Nobody except, God. Why did he allow sufferings ? God did not allow sufferings. We suffer because of our selfishness and excesses. Why do we think too much about ourselves ? What about others ? For those who loss their lives for others, will have it forever. What does forever means ? Eternal, unending, ad infinity.

Mothers against daughters, Father against their children, brothers against brothers, sisters against sisters...the pure will be separated from the filthy, we are all filth, and  fall short of God's commandments, we love ourselves too much.
For those who lose their lives for others, will have it, forever. The Lord God does not communicate to the worldly minded. Many will call on the Lord, and use His name, to proliferate their selfish intentions...none will be heard. The prayer of the righteous person is powerful. The wicked and evil people will reap what they sow. 
The proud will be humbled. The adulterous will be stricken by ill health, and die. The righteous will die too, except they will live forever. Who are the righteous among us ? Those who love God above all things, and love God's people with all their hearts. You will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven, unless you surpasses the righteousness of the pharisees and the innocence of the little child.

God chastised me for my sins. But, He has forgiven me, for I have suffered the consequences of my sins. God gave me good health, to shame the worldly. God gave me wisdom to embarrass the fools, God became my righteousness and truth. Who can be against me, if God is with me ? 

I claimed that God is a positive God. A just God, who liberates the oppressed, and punished the wicked. A God that give blessings, and happiness. Peace among God's children. 

Among the 312+ million people in the United States of America, how many practices the virtue of Christianity and compassion ? How many say NO to abortion ? How many practice Christianity ? How many stand up against the exploitation of its workers ? How many are willing to say No to wars ? How many are willing to help the 4 billion+ poor people ? We are only 7 billion+ today...Many are sufferings. Each day many children dies  from poverty related deaths, many children dies from "people made disasters like wars. How many are willing to stop pornography and exploitation of people for  sex trades ? How many are willing to teach their children the right values in life ? How many are willing to sacrifice comfort to do the right things ? Do you need to be religious in order to fight oppression and exploitation ? Even the non-believers do the right things, and make efforts to make our society morally good for the interest of the people, not pursuing their selfish desires ? Desires and false ambitions are destroying us, God's purpose in our lives is not only food but happiness that is eternal and forever. We do not live by food alone, and feasting and partying, or useless  traveling. When we are dead, our spirit is free to travel. But, where are you going ? Do you know where are you heading to ? Do you have peace ? Are you saved ? Do you have a lot of money ? Tomorrow the Creator of the Universe will take away everything, what will you do ? Tomorrow, you will lose your health, can your money buy back your health and happiness ? Yes, money can buy a nice house, but can never buy a home, you can buy food, but not your appetite, you can buy material things, but, you cannot buy your salvation from damnation's and being obliterated, from the Book of Life.
If you hear the WORD, do not harden your hearts. 

The WILL of God for our lives are not worldliness. Not money, not accumulation of wealth, not a PhD, not a Hollywood star, not an idol, not a nice car, not a nice and huge mansions, Our God wanted us to be authentically happy, and contented, God wanted us to be healthy, and enjoy life. Not the kind of enjoyment that is material, like traveling to exotic places, while others cannot even eat a decent meal each day, while others suffers, how can you enjoy life, unless, you have achieved in your life the WILL of God...
Where are you going ? Do you know where you are going ?

Thank God everyday for your happiness and peace. Thank God for your contentment, and peace. Do not be afraid of what others will say, if you have God, not a single hair from your head will be touch. Woe to you evil and wicked creations...your days are numbered. The Holy Spirit will strike you dead, for the Lord admonished us, and reminded us, the greatest of all Blasphemy, against the HOLY SPIRIT.

The HOLY SPIRIT is real...We fall short because of our sins...repent, and claim your right of birth from God, your space in the Kingdom.
Woe to you false prophets, you will be destroyed and forever obliterated from the BOOK of LIFE.
Woe to you UN-repenting hearts you will never find peace. Your peace is with God, not in  material things or flesh. Woe to you adulterers, you will be destroyed...you have to surpass the righteousness of the pharisees, woe to you evil and wicked leaders, your punishment is forthcoming, you misled the flock, the LAMB has already prepared, the space for wickedness, and the evil one's...you will be destroyed. Why are you killing the innocent ? Why are telling lies ? Why are you waging wars ? Where is your righteousness ? Why are you killing small  children and the innocents ? Woe to you the punishments will be handed to you, your next generations, and forever you will be blotted, from the BOOK of LIFE.

God became my righteousness, I am nobody like you. But, the nobody will be use by God shame the proud. If you confess your sins to God, God will forgive you. Surrender your life to God, and you will have it back. God became my strength, for I am weak. God became my success and ambition, for I am proud, God became my courage, for I am fearful, God became my protector because I was dependent, of mortals who here today, and gone tomorrow.
If you hear the WORD, do not harden your hearts. 

God is not a religion. God wanted us to help the orphans, the widows, the needy, and never allow ourselves to be polluted by the world. If you hear the WORD, do not harden your hearts.
If they do not listen to the WORD, shake the dust from your feet and move on.

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