Wednesday, July 23, 2014

God has nothing to do with the political predicaments and excesses of some government. The claim that Divine Authority of Dictators, emanated from God, is absurd, and ignorance. Like some kings in recent memories, they exploited their power and people, abused it and they were all destroyed.

We just cannot hold governments responsible all the time. In a democracy, we can choose our leaders. Choosing means reading their program of government, checking their claims, doing due diligence and mindful of our rights, to protest in order to redress for our grievances. Protest should be peaceful. Violence is never an option. 

You and I have roles to fulfill. As God's people are exploited and oppressed, we cannot just be spectators, or whiners.  Protect others. Advocate for the exploited. Help God's people.
God's mandate is to love others, including our enemies. 

Recently, I was talking to a father with a 12 years old son. The son wanted to attend an Ivy League college. I shared my thoughts, with the father and son, after they asked me for my opinion. First, you can attend any schools or colleges, public or private. It does not matter, if it is Ivy League or not. Second, WORK HARD on what you need...I quoted Thomas Edison, " 99% perspirations and 1% inspiration. Hardwork, not luck or even connections can compete with hardwork. We live in the greatest nation on earth. We still have opportunities, to excel and achieve our dreams. It is hardwork because it is really hard. No shortcuts, or devious scheme.


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