Thursday, July 24, 2014

It is a great privileged to write and convey your message in a profound way. I am not an accomplished writer, I write to share my stories, and I try to employ simple words, avoiding high falutin terms and ideas...I am writing from my heart.

For many years I was skeptical about the power of God, in my life and profession. I depended on my trainings and education, my skills and abilities, and lastly to God. Lastly, is really last.
I do not trust God then. I trusted my mentors, my advisers, and other mortals, all failed me except God.

I found God before I totally destroyed my life. I was still struggling with my rational thought, my logical mind was torturing me. If there is God, why did HE allowed sufferings, poverty and other negativities ? Through the many years, of searching for the answer, I discovered that God, is a God of abundance, and blessings.  God did not create poverty. The few exploited the many, not God. The few in the guise of religion, exploited others. Many stumbled, and lost faith in the process. The few with worldly knowledge deceived others with their convincing arguments. Their semantics distorted the TRUTH. Their fanciful titles misled so many people, ultimately many lost trust. God does not create deception. God is TRUTH.  

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