Monday, July 14, 2014


             Thoughts for July 14, 2014

Today, I buried a good friend. He was 81 years old, and he had a happy and fulfilling life. His wife of 53 years was silently grieving at the church service, for the loss of her best friend. While walking at the cemetery, I noticed a grave stone, inscribed with two different names, and same last names. The man was born 1955, and died 2004, and the woman was born 1954, and died 2007. Both were young when they died. The man was 49 years old, and the woman was 53 years old. A very young age, when both died. I presumed, they were husband and wife, because the middle names were different. Can you see my logical analysis and inference ? But, I am not talking about logic.

At the church today, and cemetery:

What transpired today, is a reminder of the seasons for everything under the sun. A time to live, and a time to die. A time for laughter, and a time for tears. 

I devoted my life helping people, wore many hats; From teaching to directly working with (the proverbial term), "the least among you."

The least among you, I realized after many years, are really the "lucky ones". They endured so much in life, and that made them stronger and better than many of us. They treasured the little things they have, unlike many of us, we want more. The least among us are really, the first. 

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for they shall see the kingdom of God - This addition, to the least among us. The least among us, and the poor in spirit have found the true happiness and joy, many of us, are longing for. I live with my dogs, tend to my garden and write, and still work with the "least and the poor in spirit". It is hard to find a true friend, except, it is easy to find ourselves, reminiscing those happy moments, and regretting  all the mistakes we have done, and wishing you can turn the hands of time. My dogs,garden, and my thoughts, my ever faithful companions, does not have preconditions with our relationship. Most people put up conditions, in order to develop relationship. Some unite in ideologies, some mutual hobbies and leisures, some  faith based, some for survival reasons, some for political,economic and social reasons.
Can you find someone accepting you 
face value ? I discovered in my longest career with special needs children, and typical children I tutored - All the children are accepting you, as you are, YOU. 

A great Teacher once said, " You will never enter the kingdom of heaven, unless you have the innocence of a little child, and the righteousness of the high priests. He is right. The kingdom to others, is peace. To others, eternal happiness and contentment.

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